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The Missing Ingredient From Your Call Center: Employee Engagement

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

The Missing Ingredient From Your Call Center: Employee Engagement

You can have all the right technology, structures and systems, but if your employees are not fully engaged, you won’t reach those high standards necessary to deliver the best care.

Employee engagement is defined by Forbes magazine as: “the emotional commitment the employee has to the organization and its goals”. Such an emotional commitment means that employees who are engaged genuinely care and are passionate about their work and the ultimate aim of the company. They are not just plodding along until their next pay check or promotion, but are committed to the goals of the organization and want to grow with it.

A Gallup Poll in 2012 found that after 1 year on the job, up to 64% of employees are not engaged in work. This is a serious problem for organizations providing a service that requires patience, skill and caring: none more so than healthcare.

Disengaged employees working in healthcare contact centers can not only lead to decreases in revenue, but can result in patients not receiving the care they need at the time they need it, leading to poor patient outcomes.

Through various training and measurement techniques CuraCall Home Care Call Center Solutions creates a culture where employees are emotionally connected to the work they are doing, and the patients they are dealing with. At CuraCall’s Home Care Call Center Solutions it is not just about our operations and technology, but how our employees engage in their work that helps home health organizations improve communications with their patients, family members and staff.

The number one key to understanding engagement: Measure feedback.

Although we may believe we are doing a good job, the only true way to measure our performance is through feedback from our internal employees and external callers. Surveys such as the Gallup Q12 are an excellent way to measure employee satisfaction. A satisfied employee, that is, an employee who is happy when doing their job, is far more likely to be engaged in their work.

In an ever-increasing competitive market, our clients are the focus of everything we do. Measuring their opinion and satisfaction with regards to our performance allows us to make improvements to ensure we keep clients satisfied beyond key performance indicators (KPIs). Surveys to measure patient satisfaction (HCAHPS) such as those designed by Press Ganey give a provider this vital information and also benchmarks against competitors in the market.

Employee engagement encompasses all touch-points of an employee’s time with an organization, from the hire process, through training right up to promotions and leaving. Employee engagement creates a foundation for any organization to grow and improve.

Employee engagement is not a once-off fix. It is an ongoing process of support and development that ultimately results in a change in the culture of an organization. Home health organizations that supports and encourages employees to focus on the patient and care for them will ultimately lead to increased patient satisfaction.

To learn more about how CuraCall Home Care Call Center Solutions can increase your employee engagement contact us at

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