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"Curacall is a great professional resource for home care agencies. Their customizable workflows help ensure that customer concerns are handled to our agency's unique specifications. The team at CuraCall is responsive to all requests and are a pleasure to work with. In addition, their reporting capabilities allow us to quality assure our responses efficiently"

Avigail Weiss

RN, BSN - Director of Patient Services

Greater New York Nursing Services

Our Approach to make the Home Health Industry a better place for those in it

Many vendors claim to be "Partners," yet often lack the necessary alignment and infrastructure to truly understand a Homecare company's vision, brand promise, and growth potential.

At CuraCall, we recognize the importance of first comprehending a client’s business before tailoring a solution to meet their specific needs. Our approach begins with a discovery process that delves into your organization’s vision, strategic goals, business strategies, and service initiatives. Through this phase, we gain crucial insights into your desired patient experience and its alignment with your overall brand strategy.

Subsequently, we leverage the gathered information to design a process that can foster your organization’s long-term growth and financial success. Our objective is to create service solutions that are seamlessly integrated into our Partner’s environment. The implementation phase is backed by our proprietary process and knowledge tools, seasoned management, and a dedicated support team passionate about enhancing your brand. By forging a genuine growth partnership, we ensure vigilant monitoring of our support for your employees, patients, their families, and systems, striving not just to meet but to consistently exceed performance expectations. Additionally, transparency is integral to our approach—we believe in openly sharing our processes, results, and insights with our clients.


Our proprietary CuraCall xRM will manage your customer service communication and support tracking data. This robust cloud-based data/communication platform grants 24/7 access to real-time data, comprehensive reporting, and insightful analytics.The cornerstone of our success model lies in our organizational culture. We firmly embrace the belief that happiness is the catalyst for exceptional service delivery. A culture of empowered and content employees is essential for creating outstanding customer interactions. The patient experience is paramount, and our success in this realm hinges on our ability to seize each touchpoint as an opportunity to delight your callers.Our unique tribal culture is our defined “X-Factor.” CuraCall's culture is unrivaled and cannot be replicated, offering us a distinct advantage over competitors in the industry.While we take pride in our achievements, we are not content to rest on our laurels. Constantly challenging ourselves to evolve and improve, this mindset is embodied in our company mission: to enhance the Home Health Industry for all stakeholders involved.

Let CuraCall show you a different way to manage your OnCall

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