Homecare Answering Service

CuraCall - the leading provider of quality multilingual communciation exclusively for the home health industry.

Our Vision


"Not to be satisfied as just an industry leader or trailblazer, but to be a knowledge leader that shepherds the Home Health Industry towards creating innovative solutions to business challenges". Home Care Answering Service

CuraCall is a forward-thinking company that embraces the use of secure, open-source technology in our call centers.  Exclusively serving the Home Health Industry, nationwide, our 24/7 multilingual home health answering service works hand-in-hand with our clients to customize the unique needs and all sizes. CuraCall's innovative home health business for telephone solutions combined with our multilingual talented staff are what makes doing business with CuraCall an exceptional experience. Home Care Answering Service



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Our Mission


At CuraCall, we have a purpose - to make the Home Health Industry a better place for those in it. 

Home Care Answering Service

CuraCall's mission is to drive the home health industry in new innovations and technological advancements. We invest in our employees through continuous education and staff development so we can exceed your expectations in quality and support. We are the architects of our own technology so we make it happen when others say it can't be done. We are a team dedicated to excellence exclusively serving the home health industry.


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Our Vision

The leading provider of quality multilingual communciations exclusively for the home health industry


Provides the proper levels of security for our company, your agency and your patient calls

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Exclusively serving the home care industry