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"I wanted to thank you for creating, implementing, and executing such a wonderful service. In the face of the pandemic, the Home Care Industry faces many challenges. During the lock-down, CuraCall stepped in and helped us through these crucial periods. It is refreshing to know their staff genuinely cares about the calls they manage for us. Their friendly and positive attitudes are a pleasure to work with.

Moreover, I wanted you to know that I thought you and your staff handled the snow storm very well yesterday and am appreciative.  As you know, I never close the office. I think outside of Hurricane’s, this is only the 2nd time in last 20 years I have closed due to snow. Good to know I can count on CuraCall should I close again in the next 20 years".

Rick Schaefer - Chief Operating Officer - Better Home Health Care Agency

The CuraCall Difference


Thank you for visiting our website, and we welcome you to explore CuraCall. 


CuraCall was founded on the need for compassionate, reliable, multilingual, quality call center solutions for the Home Health Industry. CuraCall connects patients and Home Health Providers through standard and customized communication solutions that enhance patient access and improve patient and provider satisfaction, in a secure HIPAA-compliant environment.


At CuraCall, we understand the time-consuming task of searching for a call center provider; therefore, we ask you to keep the following statement in mind during your vetting process;


CuraCall separates itself from the competition by evolving away from the old stigma of “just being the answering service” and has become a trusted HIPAA Business Associate and expert solutions provider exclusively to the Home Care Industry.


Many call center service providers cater to a large group of industries and although successful, as they continue to grow, managing the different verticals becomes difficult. Each company has its subset of ideals and ways of running its business. Each business industry has different needs. Each business entity has ways they wish to have their calls answered. We believe that by specializing in a specific vertical, the home health industry, assurance for the quality of services is maintained as the company continues to grow. 


In most cases, CuraCall assumes the responsibility of providing preliminary patient care by processing your patients’ calls more than 76% of the time, each week.  Chosen periods in which your Home Care organization utilizes CuraCall create a higher probability that we will manage a greater percentage of patient care emergencies than your own office. 


Virtual types of communication, such as SMSing, texting, and emailing, have become a necessity within today’s business environment. Studies have shown that communicating with these methods heightens rapid responses and enhances productivity. However, due to the vast expansion of the smartphone and tablet markets, the security of patient information has become paramount when considering that more than 50% of all breaches are due to the theft or loss of storage devices.  Moreover, achieving HIPAA compliance takes significant skill, knowledge, experience, resources, equipment, and other financial commitments. Many call center service providers just do not have the infrastructure, expertise, or financial resources necessary to attain compliance.


CuraCall acknowledges the necessity of virtual communications, as a Covered Entity, that your Business Associate (Call Center) needs to maintain under the new regulations set forth by HIPAA, Hitech, and OMNIBUS.    


CuraCall Call Center Solutions is a forward-thinking company that embraces the use of technology, client web portals, and mobile application with privacy, security, and reliability at the top of the list.  Exclusively serving the Home Health Industry, nationwide, our 24/7 multilingual Home Care Call Center Solutions work hand-in-hand with our clients to customize their unique needs of all sizes to ensure that doing business with CuraCall is an exceptional experience.


In closing, CuraCall takes the responsibility of becoming your HIPAA-Compliant Home Care Call Center very seriously. We will mitigate our collective risk and support your organization with the utmost care, quality, accuracy, and professionalism.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We are truly excited about our mutual opportunity of working together in the near future.

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Our Vision

The leading provider of quality, multilingual communications, exclusively for the home health industry


Provides the proper levels of security for our company, your agency and your patient calls.

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