Homecare Answering Service
CuraCall is here to assist you with all your call handling needs, providing excellent and professionally trained staff in a HIPAA compliant, call center environment.

Home Care Answering Services 

After Hours Answering

CuraCall can support the after-hours and on-call functions based on the customized protocols and directives set forth by each home health organization.  The ability to administratively triage, prioritize, and route messages in a medical context, exclusive to the home care industry, is an area of special expertise for CuraCall.  Our multilingual Patient Care Representatives are trained to recognize subjects or statements that signal the need for additional probing to properly triage incoming calls for appropriate dispatch. Home Care Answering Service

  • Real-time access to your patient calls on-line. Track your patient calls in real-time; measure response time and clear calls with our secure HIPAA Compliant Online Web Portal

  • Smartphone integration allows those on-call to manage patient calls securely, right from their phones, eliminating the hassle of checking in to clear calls and in turn saving time and money

  • Our CuraCall xRM platform instantaneously relays information to your on-call staff via your directives and protocols improving patient response times and ensuring information is delivered to the right person timely and efficiently

  • CuraCall's HIPAA compliant technological solution was developed specifically for Home Health and to meet or exceed mandatory HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus requirements Home Care Answering Service


The Remote Receptionist Solution

Good receptionists are worth their weight in gold. They are your first line of customer service. They greet your callers in a courteous and professional manner, forward your calls, and relay vital information accurately and efficiently. For many businesses, however, hiring a full-time receptionist can be cost-prohibitive. An affordable alternative is to hire a remote receptionist service. Remote receptionists perform the same professional-level functions as traditional receptionists but for a fraction of the cost. 


  • Cost-Effective - Enjoy all the advantages of a full-time receptionist, without having to pay a full-time salary and benefits.

  • Positive First Impression - Your calls are answered in a professional manner, with the name of your company or using any greeting you desire.

  • Seamless - Your callers will never know that your receptionist is not physically in the same office as you.

  • No Staffing Headaches - You don't have to worry about phone coverage on sick days, vacation days, or during lunch hours. With a remote receptionist service, you have full, uninterrupted phone coverage. No more missed opportunities, phone calls, or phone tag!

  • You're In Control - Trained receptionists answer, screen, and announce the call. You decide whether to take the call or not.

  • Individualized Support - Remote receptionists can provide live telephone answering services and support to any number of employees. Each member of your company can update their contact information or desired greetings as needed.

  • Call Forwarding No Matter Where You Are - Upon your approval, a remote receptionist will connect your call to wherever you are - whether you are at your desk, at home, or traveling around the world.

  • Convenient Single Point of Contact - Your clients need just one contact number to reach you at any time. Remote receptionist services work with any phone system and you can use your existing phone number.

  • Experience - Remote receptionists are experienced and ready to support your business. There is no need for costly and time-consuming recruiting, interviewing, hiring, and training.


CuraCall offers a highly personalized Remote Receptionist service that offers the same connectivity and performance you'd expect from hiring a receptionist but at a fraction of the cost. Our Remote Receptionist service can help you minimize the complexities and costs of operating your business. 


Overflow Services

As part of the services offered, CuraCall will provide the ability to forward calls on an as-need basis.  This can include daytime phone traffic to provide coverage for staff meetings, events, emergent situations, inclement weather, phone outages, or sent after a predetermined number of rings.  Daytime instructions are part of the provisioning process by which directives are determined to ensure proper call management.  CuraCall takes a “use us when you need us” approach to offer its customer expandable resources on demand.


Patient Satisfaction Tracking and Reporting

Home Health Agencies have identified complaints as a major area of opportunity to enhance the customer’s perception of the company.  Senior Management needs a way to standardize complaint management.  When issues were resolved previously, there was no formal record to inform future resolutions. Home Care Answering Service


  • CuraCall has created a grievance hotline, accessible 24/7

  • Complaint protocols and directives are established, in real-time

  • An intuitive interface triggers a notification for homecare agencies to monitor and respond to complaints immediately

  • Direct documentation is recorded and routed to risk management

  • Monthly trend analysis and reporting pinpoint common issues

  • Improvements in patient satisfaction and customer loyalty are achieved with the implementation of corrective action and quality control

  • Time to resolve customer complaints are drastically reduced

  • Greater customer satisfaction improves referrals and increases profitability


Order Entry Processing

CuraCall makes it easy and convenient for durable medical equipment companies to enhance their order entry systems 24 hours of every day.  Our proprietary scripting system enables our Patient Care Representatives to maximize profitability with built-in upsell/cross-sell opportunities and ensure correct information is collected and entered for fulfillment. Home Care Answering Service


Disaster Recovery Service

Disaster recovery is a preventative measure every home health organization should implement into their strategic planning process. Fires, floods, tornadoes, heavy storms, and serious outages happen every day. While some regions are more prone to certain disasters than others, disasters are still unpredictable. In the unfortunate event, a disaster strikes your business, it's important to keep your business up and running. If your phones go down, you need a solution in place immediately so that your customers and patients are well taken care of and informed. Home Care Answering Service


With CuraCall's Disaster Recovery Service, we provide your callers with 24/7 availability when you need it most. Just activate your account instantly and forward your calls to us. Our 24-hour contact center Patient Care Representatives will answer your calls according to your specifications to ensure each caller is greeted by a live person. We'll keep your patients well informed while you focus on important tasks such as reconstructing business operations or searching for a new business location. Use CuraCall's disaster recovery plan to protect your investment and keep business running as usual. Home Care Answering Service


Integrate Your Home Health Agency Platform with CuraCall CRM

CuraCall xRM's solution easily integrates with most critical industry systems designed to support Home Health, Hospice, Infusion, DME, and Long Term Care.  With CuraCall xRM, your staff will spend less time on administrative tasks to focus more on patients; improving efficiency by over 20%, fewer mistakes, and better patient outcomes. Home Care Answering Service


Customized scripting promotes the capture of accurate, detailed information, utilizing a bi-directional feed in real-time, resulting in simpler and quicker patient interactions; reducing phone time to incorporate additional value-added elements.  CuraCall CRM creates a standardized record of every conversation and documents the necessary follow-up for easy hand-off action. Administrative tasks are now more readily completed in the field with increased workflow productivity and operational efficiency.  


The end result, a better experience for your patients. Home Care Answering Service


The home care market is changing rapidly, bringing challenges that require astute strategy.  CuraCall CRM puts you back in control and gives you the flexibility to act quickly. Home Care Answering Service



Workforce Management Services

Employee Engagement Solutions

Reducing absenteeism and costs with education and engagement.


When your employees are absent due to illness or healthcare challenges, productivity, service, and profits suffer. Educating them on their health plan benefits and engaging them in preventive care measures is key to reducing stress, sickness, absenteeism, and financial risk. Home Care Answering Service


Our Employee Engagement Solution is designed to improve employee health and decrease costs by significantly boosting engagement and driving positive behavior change. Through proactive outreach, our engagement specialists educate employees on healthy, cost-saving measures such as annual health screenings, ER alternatives, generic drugs, and corporate wellness programs.


Attendance Checks

CuraCall attendance check program will allow you to verify that workers have arrived at a patient’s residence.  Our “No-Show Alert” will notify supervisors and coordinators when a worker has not arrived at a scheduled visit.  Call assignments can be implemented on a sampling or case-by-case basis. Home Care Answering Service


Visit Maintenance Program

CuraCall enhances the reporting necessary to ensure your workers have completed the tasks that they were assigned.  CuraCall Visit Maintenance Program allows your workers to call a dedicated number to report their daily activities and tasks.  Additional reporting formats can be programmed to give you the business intelligence needed to enhance your service experience.


Out Sick / Shift Scheduling Solution  

On-Call Home Health Coordinators are constantly looking to ensure 100% satisfaction when a client is in need of staff aide replacement due to a no-show or sick call.  CuraCall's OutSick / Shift Scheduling Solution can transmit a "Blast SMS" text message to all field workers to fill the newly available shift. The first qualified staff person to respond will be transferred immediately to the On-Call Coordinator to ensure continuity. Home Care Answering Service



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