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How did CuraCall get its name?

There are many different definitions for “Cura”.  However, the Latin root “cura” means to care.

"Cura" was used for many centuries.  There is no known date when “cura” was used or became a Latin root.  Usually, the root was used to refer to medical care, but the Roman Christians used the root to refer to the “care of the souls.” 

Now it is used to refer to care for anything in general.  For example, “cura” is in the word “curability” and “accuracy”, but it is used differently because, in “curability”, cura refers to the capability of being cured or healed.  However, “accuracy”, it is referring to the care you need to complete something with precision.

The keywords in all examples are: care – concern – healed - cured

As for the second half of the company name, we are a call center.  We work exclusively for the Home Care Industry where caring, compassion, empathy, accountability, and accuracy on every level become critical dynamics to its success. 


It was the combination of these two words, “Cura” and “Call” that started it all.


Welcome to CuraCall – Keeping Home Care Connected



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