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The CuraCall difference is simple: We place our customers at the forefront of everything we do.  Exclusively serving the home care industry; our HIPAA Compliant Call Center Solutions employs outstanding multilingual talent that directly translates to a better patient experience for our clients. Ho

me Care Answering Service

Our People

CuraCall Contact Centers are staffed by the industry’s most well-educated, talented, multilingual, and highly motivated Patient Care Representatives (PCR’s). PCR hiring criteria is specific to each client’s needs and scope of services: from warm, caring customer service agents to home health-savvy order processing support personnel.  CuraCall is able to provide you with consistent, efficient, and cost-effective services to represent your organization. Home Care Answering Service

CuraCall Patient Care Representative profile:

  • Holds or is Actively Pursuing a College Degree (90%)

  • Speaks 2 to 3 Languages (English, Spanish and Russian)

  • Career-Oriented, Dedicated, Full-Time Professionals      

Return on Investment

CuraCall Contact Center Solutions reflects a broad range of technology and business practices that offer a single point of accountability, reducing the total cost of ownership and maximizing your return on investment. Home Care Answering Service

Call Center Solutions

CuraCall provides enhanced multilingual Call Center  Solutions to maximize your staff's efficiency and your diverse cultural patient population


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Workforce Management Built into the CuraCallxRM

Intelligence to maximize productivity in every area of your operations

  • Reducing the average time for conflict resolution, improving patient outcomes

  • Simple collaboration expands your communications in case coordination 

  • Increase referrals, due to quicker response times

  • Reduce the number of OnCall Staff needed for your 24-hour support

  • Ensure PHI through HIPAA Compliance

  • Ensuring the Correct OnCall receives the information needed

  • Capturing the follow-up notes from the OnCall Coordinator

  • Ability to Forward the information to different departments for further follow-up

  • ​And many other solutions See more >>

We improve workflows across the Home Care Agency from the contact center to the Caregiver to the Patient's bedside.  It involves everyone on your care teams from Coordinators to Clinical to your Home Health Aides to Human Resources and Payroll Staff, all accessed from a computer, tablet, or phone.   

No more emails being lost, no more voice mails never being followed up.  Now, all in one place, streamlined and documented for accountability on every level.

Does Your Call Center have to be HIPAA Compliant?

Unique Training

CuraCall has designed programs to strengthen the experience given by our Patient Care Representatives (PCR) through interactive scenario training. This program ensures your PCR’s achieve desired customer outcomes: Home Care Answering Service

  • Perceive the company as a caring contributor to their lifestyle
  • Establish a personal loyalty to your brand
  • Become entrenched in a repeating business process cycle
  • Our HIPAA Privacy & Security training programs meet and exceed requirements set forth to protect and secure personal health information (PHI)


These customer relationship skills ultimately lead to revenue, market penetration, and many other metrics that determine corporate valuations.




Open and collaborative, yet safe and secure.

It’s this balance that makes CuraCall Home Care Call Center Solutions truly a unique provider. Each of our HIPAA-compliant facilities is designed to maximize innovation while ensuring that your valuable data is protected.


  • Facility and individual floor card key access with       audit tracking
  • 24/7/365 manned security
  • Video monitoring
  • Dynamic Scripting
  • Advanced Business Intelligence Reporting
  • Skill-based Routing with Language Segmentation

Business Continuity Plan

CuraCall facilities are equipped with robust and secure network infrastructure to support maximum availability and up-time, and all vital systems incorporate appropriate redundancies. 


CuraCall's Uninterruptible Power System continuously monitors variations in power and bridges the gap of time prior to the generator powering on. Our on-site diesel generator is backed with a 125-gallon fill capacity tank to ensure maximum uptime in the event of power outages. Moreover, strategic alliances have been formed with several fuel service providers in the extremely rare case that more fuel is needed.


Our Approach

Leading home health organizations use our customized solutions to gain an advantage in the marketplace. We help you save costs immediately while making process refinements that make your home care business work smarter. 


With the right communications partner, you can more efficiently and strategically redirect valuable resources. See More >>> Home Care Answering Service, 


Let CuraCall show you a different way to manage your OnCall

Our Vision

The leading provider of quality multilingual communciations exclusively for the home health industry


Provides the proper levels of security for our company, your agency and your patient calls

Home Health

Exclusively serving the home care industry